Frequently Asked Questions on Serum and Raw Materials

Can I put in a standing order for products?

Yes, we will accept standing orders. We, however, cannot guarantee price for the term of the order.

When will I receive my order?

When you place your order, a ship date will be scheduled. Fresh products are usually shipped the same day they are collected.

How are packages shipped?

We ship via Federal Express. Fresh products are shipped with wet ice and frozen products with dry ice.

What species are available?

We regularly have bovine, porcine, chicken, donor horse, donor goat, donor sheep. Additional species may be available by special request.

Can I customize my order?

Yes, we specialize in customizing your order to meet your specs.

Where do you get your products?

Collections are made at USDA or equivalent inspected facilities or from donor animals.

Are all of your products U.S. origin?

Our products are US origin. There are some products we are able to import from other countries including Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Central America.

What anti-coagulants are available?

Our usual anti-coagulants are sodium citrate, sodium EDTA, sodium heparin and alsevers. If you prefer, you can supply an alternate.

Are your serums raw or sterile filtered?

Our blood products are raw. However, we work with several filtration companies and are able to provide custom filtered products.

Do you have donor products available?

Donor blood products are available for Bovine, Horse, Goat and Sheep.

Are volume discounts available?

Yes, discounts may be available.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes - all major credit cards.

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