Animal Tissues, Glands, Serums and Blood Products

Animal Technologies fills a special need for the life science, medical and veterinary industries, research community, schools, universities and other retail vendors for high quality raw biological materials.

Since 1986, Animal Technologies has been a major provider of raw animal biological products.

Our catalog includes a variety of resources, including animal tissues, organs, glands, bones & whole blood. We also offer animal serums and plasma, including cow/bovine serum, newborn calf serum, adult cow/bovine serum, donor goat serum, horse serum, chicken serum, donkey serum, sheep serum, fetal calf/bovine serum and more. Our full catalog includes pig/porcine eyes, brains, hearts, tissue blocks, kidneys, bones, and ovaries, cow/bovine eyes, brains, hearts, kidneys, bones, spleens, and ovaries, horse spleen, horse hearts, sheep hearts, rabbit tissues, and much more. 

Animal Technologies' clients are major companies involved in research, cell nutrition, peptones, development of new products and medical devices. Schools and universities also find the company to be a dependable source of materials to complement their educational programs.  

Some Of Our Products

Animal Blood Products

Animal Technologies offers a full line of raw blood products collected under aseptic conditions. Blood products include whole blood, plasmas, serums and red blood cells.

Animal Plasma

Animal plasma is taken using the customer's choice of anti-coagulant, such as Sodium Citrate, Sodium Heparin, Sodium EDTA and Alsevers.

Animal Tissues / Glands / Organs

Animal tissues, organs and glands such as the following, are available from cow/bovine, pig/porcine, chicken as well as other species:

  • Kidneys
  • Blood Vessels
  • Glands
  • Tissue Models
  • Reproductive Tracts
  • Eyes
  • Bones & Joints
  • Brains

Various tissues, organs and glands are available individually, in less than truck load and truck load volumes.


The following serum products are collected off the clot under strict procurement and operating procedures to ensure high quality:

  • Fetal Bovine/Calf Serum (Imported)
  • Fetal Bovine/Calf Plasma Derived Serum
  • Newborn Calf Serum
  • Bovine/Cow Serum
  • Bovine/Cow Calf Serum
  • Adult Bovine/Cow Serum
  • Horse Serum
  • Porcine/Pig Serum
  • Fetal Pig Serum
  • Goat Serum
  • Rabbit Serum
  • Sheep Serum
  • Chicken Serum

Donor Sera

Donor Bovine/Cow Serum
Donor Bovine/Cow Serum - Seronegative
Donor Horse Serum
Donor Goat Serum
Donor Ovine Serum

Animal Technologies proximity to the slaughterhouses in Texas enables the company to provide its customers with:

Quality &



Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Technologies serves a large percentage of the universities and laboratories in the United States requiring large animal tissues, glands and organs.

Animal Technologies supplies all types of abattoir and donor blood products including plasmas, serums and whole blood.

For 30+ years, Animal Technologies continues to supply clients on a small scale, or clients with tissues, organs and glands requirements of 500K or 1 million lbs/year.

Specialty, custom products for individual projects and labs/seminars.

Animal Technologies is the largest supplier of high quality chicken serum.

Animal Technologies offers unique stem cell accelerators.

iso certified

ISO 9001
Well defined and documented procedures improve the consistency of output. Quality is constantly measured and con ft rmed. Procedures ensure corrective action is taken quickly when necessary and that obsolete or inefficient practices are regularly revised.

USDA Approved

USDA Approved Quarantine Facility
Animal Technologies is USDA approved to import sera from other countries, pool and quarantine sera during USDA testing.

USDEA EU Certified

USDA EU 142/2011 Certified
Animal Technologies is USDA approved to export blood products to the EU directly and or supply blood products to US facilities for eventual export to the EU.


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